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I honestly really loved this. The art style is great, the comedy is strong, but most of all the vibe is just perfect. Keep up the good work.

Pretty solid animation!

In the short time you had, you made some really nice animation with some great visual appeal. Though I'd argue the story felt a little rushed, and the audio quality could have been better, I thought this was a really nice product overall. Keep up the good work!

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ZeroELopez responds:

I feel the same about the story x.x I wanted to add a lot more but had to cut out a lot to be a complete story. Thank you though :3 I'm glad you liked the video.

All I can say is that it was funny and I enjoyed it.

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Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this demo, and you might just have secured yourself a sale down the line.

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It's an interesting first episode, and I'm engaged enough to want to see more, but you have plenty of room to expand.

I'll admit this now, I'm not the biggest fan of visual novels, so do take what I say with a grain of salt if it comes off as missing the point or anything like that, but even if you decide to do a linear story with small elements of interactivity, you can make those interactive elements much more engaging.

For starters, the choices given in this episode appear, for the most part, minor at best. From whether you try sleeping in or getting up early, to how you react to being attacked by the Crystal Clock being, most of what you can choose quickly loops back to the main story, and doesn't feel too impactful. You don't need to make every choice change the story that much, especially with the episodic format you're following with no sign of any carrying over choices or anything like that, but there is a way to still make your dialogue choices feel important. Have what you say or ask reveal more information, and exclude other bits of information to the player. I have no idea who that kid who saves you is, but I now know what those monsters are called. Having what you gain or lose be information allows you to make the choices feel important without greatly altering the linear narrative.

I would also suggest that you alter the inventory system by not highlighting which item you need to use at which time. Imagine if when the lights in the train go out, you were prompted to use an inventory item, but not told which one was correct. You now need to use the context of the situation to realize you could use your phone as a light. You could even expand scenes like that where using the wrong item results in a quick GAME OVER where a monster gets you because you didn't use the right item. Or at the very least, if the stakes aren't that high when you use an inventory item, a character can make fun of you for picking the wrong item at that time, and then you're given another chance to pick an item.

Little additions like that would push this game a long way, I think. Maybe that's not what you're going for though, and it is meant to be more of a straight forward experience without much pull on the player, but I think if you're going to tell a story involving player engagement, find what things you can do, and go all out with them.

JackAstral responds:

Really nice suggestions, thanks for the detailed review! I definitely might try out your inventory idea... :-D

This was a really cute and funny homage to the site. Had a lot of good laughs with this.

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Well, I don't know how to make flash games, and my art is mediocre at best. But by Jove I'm going to survive!

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